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EnergyWise is Cisco’s solution for controlling power consumption by PoE devices.  Cloud Systems has developed a simple user interface to maximize functionality of every EnergyWise deployment.


Enterprises are unique and call for personalized policies. Cloud Systems’ energywise | app gives system Administrators the control to set company-wide scheduling for the power to any port on any PoE switch. We know enterprises are as diverse as the people who make up the workforce. So if the policy is set to turn the lights off at 6:00 pm and someone is working late, they are  prompted to opt out of the policy. Each day the policies revert to the Administrator’s defaults.


Cloud Systems’ EnergyWise App has the ability to detect a phone as ‘in use’ after hours and offer the phone user a prompt to opt out of the  policy.


atmospherics offer policies for administrative/emergency phones and “911” scenarios.


Cloud Systems’ energywise | app has the ability to detect a phone in use after hours and offer the phone user a prompt to opt out of the policy. When combined with our lighting | app, individual work zones can have customized power policies. The atmospherics | app offers  policies for administrative or emergency phone scenarios. The app also enables users to keep connected to the Internet through the IP Phone LAN connections.




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